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Mök announced the release of "Kamikaze Slug" EP


The abomination named Mök is back with a black metal crust punk infused mayhem, in it’s latest release Kamikaze Slug. Defiitely a great choice for the thirsty, and fiting perfectly for both stag parties and funerals alike. It will be released in a limited 50x edition on Snake Oil Kassettforlag later this autumn. For the time being, it can be streamed or bought through the most used services in the digital realm.

The EP consists of 4 tracks, the last track being an reissue from the 2012 album Mökamorphosis. As always, the band draws heavily from the metal tradition, and especially the second wave black metal inflences are obvious. Newer Darkthrone and traces of Mayhem comes to mind. “As in all our releases, we have straight forward rock ’n roll attitude to what the music should sound and feel like. But now it is fircer, faster and with a heavier emphasis on a punchy groove.” That clearly pulls through on both song material and the production. Much of this drive can be tracked back to hardcore punk, and Swedish groups like Anti Cimex and Black Uniforms. These bands should be regarded as both sources of inspiration, and as proponents of the D-beat, widely used on Kamikaze Slug. Even though it is a DIY production from start to fiish, the sound of Kamikaze Slug is maybe more up to date than what you might expect, compared to the aesthetics of the idols.

“People have pointed out to us that even though it doesn’t necessarily sound old school, it certainly has an overarching old school vibe. This is something we never thought about, but which we think is perfectly true. It just stealthily crept into the songs without notice”.