"The Day We Shut Down The Sun" The Blacktones

"The Day We Shut Down The Sun"  The Blacktones in review.

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Band: The Blacktones

Title: The Day We Shut Down The Sun

Label: Sliptrick Records

Release Date:: 21/11/2017

The Blacktones is a Sardinian band of stoner /sludge / alternative metal created in 2011 that recently released The Day We Shut Down The Sun.

This album is composed of 14 tracks where we can clearly hear a more obscure version of the band with influences of metalcore, doom, sludge, stoner, industrial and still a hint of melodic death and a sustained groove. The album tells us about the walk of Humanity through tarot cards.

The Upside Down and Ghosts give us a heavier introduction to the album with an acrid voice, violent and progressive opening riffs and a relentless drum. The remaining tracks maintain the same dynamic.

The album reveals the vocal ability to vary from acid to guttural with roars and clear voice moments. Also we cannot neglect the excellent performance of the remaining members who create a perfect balance in each of the themes.

After the revelation of this new sound version of the band we will wait for what they will reserve us in the future.

Band members:

Aaron Tolu - Voice
Gianni Farci - Bass
Sergio Boi - Guitar
Paolo Mulas - Guitar
Maurizio Mura - Drums


Score: 8/12

By: Margarida Salgado