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Interview with Childrain (Iñigo Bengoa)

Interview with Childrain (Iñigo Bengoa)

Interview with Margarida Salgado

Photos: Joana M. Carriço /SFTD


The Spanish band CHILDRAIN returns to the portuguese stage for the celebrations of LOUDER THAN ALL FEST on the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of the SFTD.

The O Som do Rock presents the interview lead by Margarida Salgado to Iñigo Bengoa vocal of the band.


SR: What does your band name mean?

IB: It doesn’t have any special meaning. We liked the way it sounds and it´s just one word, something we wanted to be that way. We think that it has a powerful visual image as well.


SR: Who are your biggest Influences?

IB: Well we have many influences; The Beatles, Pantera, Nofx, Bad Religion, Metallica, Pink Floyd... We try to introduce some details in our music, but we mainly play metal. Our influence range is really wide.


SR: How did you meet?

IB: Me (vocals) and the main guitarist are brothers, so we met a long time ago ahahahah.  The rest of the band were friends of other bands and we proposed that they join us and fortunately they accepted.


SR: Who composes and who writes the lyrics?

IB: The main music composer is Iker, the guitarist. All the melodies and lyrics are mine.


SR: When can we expect a new album?

IB: Hopefully for this year, maybe more focused in the end of the year, but we have everything done. Hope to release new music on 2018, definitely.


SR: How was playing in Portugal last year?

It was really insane. We were well located in the line up, and there were so many people. They were really crazy, and we had one of the best experiences so far.


SR: You will be back to Portugal on the 5th of May for the 7th anniversary of SFTD. What do you expect?

IB: Well we expect to put that place on fire ahahah. Seriously, we are thrilled to go. Seems like is going to be a real good party and we are going to share the stage with so many great bands...we can´t wait to play there.


SR: What’s the message you would like to send to the public as a band?

IB: We would like to greet all our portuguese fans and invite them to join us and the rest of the band in LOUDER THAN ALL FEST. We promise an insane show and then it would be great to share some drinks. Thanks a lot, to everyone involved in this adventure!


SR: Thank you!